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jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2018 

FECHA     25/02/2018
PAÍS     India
On Sunday 25th of February , in Divya Dhara, Nadiad (Gujarat, India) will be held the Annual Gathering of the Saint Anne Family of Mother Pabla Bescós Province. The meeting will start at 10:00 am and will last until 4:30 pm
The topics will be the following:
- Sharing the activities carried out
- Work of the Intercontinental Commission for the Formation Plan of SAF
- Explanation of the Draft of the Formation Plan of SAF
- Statistics of SAF
- Election of Coordinator, Secretary and treasurer

El domingo 25 de febrero, en Divya Dhara, Nadiad (Gujarat, India) realizará el Encuentro Anual de la Familia Santa Ana de la Provincia de la Madre Pabla Bescós. La reunión comenzará a las 10:00 a.m. y durará hasta las 4:30 p.m.
Los temas serán los siguientes:
- Compartir las actividades llevadas a cabo
- Trabajo de la Comisión Intercontinental para el Plan de Formación de SAF
- Explicación del Borrador del Plan de Formación de SAF
- Estadísticas de SAF
- Elección de coordinador, secretario y tesorero
25/02/2018 on Sunday St Anne Family members meeting was convoked by Sr.Ramila Parmar the Councilor of SAF. All the SAF members of different centers had gathered at divyadhara. Before we initiate the meeting all were welcomed by giving flowers and tikka on forehead.
Since Remembering God is the essence of everything the meeting began with opening prayer song: pal pal che tari zankhana..
We invoked God’s presence by lightening the lamp and chanting “Jyoti tumhari satat jalegi”….
Having lighted the lamp Mr. Ashwin led us into prayer. Sr.Reshma once again welcomed everyone symbolically by offering a welcome heart.
Rev. Sr.Benita Mecwan the Provincial Superior gave her welcome speech in following words:
• I am so happy to see this large number of people who have voluntarily come ahead as SAF member to accompany the Lord’s work of service.
• We are members of the same family and children of God the Father. Let us take part in this meeting and discuss the newer ideas of this spiritual work.
• The Holy Catholic Church unites us together to be the members of one family.
• God has created his creation for others and we are one of them so we are also called to be for others.
• Seeds of SAF have already been sawn now as a part of it; it is our responsibility that we get this sapling converted into a big tree.
Rev. Sr.Ramila the Counsillor and Incharge of SAF expressed her feeling of happiness.
Being the most elder and experienced person Sr.Scholastica expressed that we have got the opportunity to learn more SAF. So let’s take interest and explore more knowledge and information on SAF.
After the welcome speech all the centers were invited to present their yearly activity report. St. Anne School – Nadiad, Matruchhaya, Baroda – Pillar, Vijay nagar, Kalol and Jodhpur presented their activity report briefly.
At noon we took part in the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Nilesh Parmar presided over Holy Mass. During his homily he said you have bigger responsibility as you commit yourself to be the member of St. Anne Family. Having received spiritual nourishment we shared the meal together.
In the second session after the lunch break we began with power point presentation prepared by Sr.Sheetal Parmar. The presentation was mainly about the congregation and SAF all over the world.
Mr. Sandeep Parmar explained us about the plan of formation through the presentation.
Moving forward in the meeting we had selection of committee at Province level. Unanimously it was decided that we can select the committee we need not do the election. From all the centered one members was asked to come forward so following people came forward from different centers ;
1) Rippal Desai & Dipak Christi, Matruchhaya
2) Alfonce & Dinesh bha,: St Anne’s School
3) Gautam bhai, Kalol
4) Ripple Macwan: Waghodia
5) Neela Ninnama, Vijaynagar
6) Mitesh Macwan, Sewasi
Out of these members three were selected as under.
- Co-ordinator-Ripal Desai
- Secretary-Alfonce
- Treasurer-Deepak Chirsti
Sr.Ramila stated that she would communicate with these members and they will take up all the responsibility of SAF at province level. She also said that as per the basic document whichever center has more than six members they have to form a committee. So all went into their respective groups and decided the lay co ordinator, Secretory and treasure comprising Spiritual guide and Sister co – ordinator.
Having done with the forming of the committee the new members of SAF shared their experience. Everyone expressed that they feel privileged to be part of Sisters of Charity of St Anne. They want to explore and do something new. They were grateful to their in charge sisters for bringing them to this group called SAF.

At the closing session the memento of SAF was kept open by Rev. Sr. Benita Mecwan, the Provincial Superior, Sr. Ramila Parmar, The Councilor of SAF and Sr. Madhu Mecwan, the superior of Matruchhaya through whose effort the memento was given. All joined their hands in big applause as it was kept open. Later it was distributed to all the members.
Last of all Sr.Ramila Parmar thanked everyone who contributed in the success of this meeting. We thanked the Almighty for His constant guidance and support throughout. We had group photo and all dispersed after the evening tea. Indeed it was wonderful gathering during which we could feel at home and shared our experience of being the member of St. Anne family.
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